Accurate digital fit and Grading across all sizes

Serving the Global Uniform & Workwear Industry for Over Three Decades
Advanced, market-winning digital 2D/3D solutions for Military & Tactical Gear, Professional Uniform Wear and PPE & Technical Textile brands, retailers and manufacturers.

A digital fashion pioneer with over 30 years of 2D patternmaking and grading, and 3D development expertise, Optitex is revolutionizing the Uniform & Workwear industry by boosting precision and productivity for the world’s leading brands, retailers, and manufacturers, to save time, valuable resources, and costs – across the board.

With dedicated solutions that meet the industry’s needs and operational challenges, Optitex development and pre-production solutions are keenly focused on what your business needs most – scale of demand, workflow efficiency, product quality, fit accuracy and size variations on every job, and on every finished garment. From 2D patternmaking, through 3D physics-based simulation for digital prototyping and virtual fitting, to robust preproduction tools – we’ve got you covered!

Optitex: When precision and efficiency matter

  • Integrated 2D/3D Patternmaking Tools – 2D/3D blocks, accurate digital fit, grading across size sets, and easy Tech Pack creation
  • Dynamic Measurement Chart – Automated, streamlined made-to-measure pattern creation
  • Variation Grading – Mass customization with a single pattern, for any size, height, and shape
  • Fit Analysis –Enhanced understanding of stretch in weft/warp directions with accurate static and in-motion analyses
  • 3DDI – Convenient Adobe Illustrator plug-in for designers to easily simulate and manipulate graphics in 3D view
  • Marker & Automated Nesting Tools – Optimized nesting to dramatically reduce material waste, generate accurate fabric costing for all style variations/size ratios, save on large-scale fabric use and mitigate against rising costs
  • O/Cloud Web-Based Collaboration   – A cartelized 3D hub workspace to share online review sessions, comments and files, and design interactive inspiration boards

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